Why Choose a Lightweight & Fast Antivirus?

When the question is protecting your privacy, the sure-shot answer is an efficient antivirus. However, it hardly matters on which operating system your device is running, any device can be vulnerable to get attacked by scammers.

Although, the device security mechanism of Mac, Windows, Android, as well as iOS, has developed over the years. But, the scamming technologies are also not far behind.

Thus, to ensure your device remains away from the list of attacked devices, one must use an antivirus that helps improve the performance of your device instead of downgrading it. And one such antivirus is Webroot.com/safe. So, let’s try to find out more about it.

The need to choosing a Lightweight Antivirus

Although there’s a bundle of antivirus solutions available in the market, there are certain factors you should consider as a user so as to never compromise with any other feature of your PC. These antivirus solutions tend to take up a lot of storage space on your PC ultimately resulting in its slow performance. Thus, the need to choose a lightweight antivirus emerges from this particular fact.

  • So that your device’s performance is never hampered.
  • In order to restrict it from eating up a lot of space on your device.
  • It could not use the space on your RAM.
  • A regular antivirus could be costlier than the lightweight one.
  • It also is compatible with other antivirus solutions available on your device.

Why invest in Webroot antivirus?

Fortunately, there is one such antivirus that does not give you the problems that are listed above and that is Webroot.

  • This is one antivirus solution that is enough to keep your home and workspace devices secured.
  • It is a completely cloud-based security solution that does not require much space on our device.
  • The leftover storage space can be used for other necessary tasks.
  • Does not take up much RAM space.
  • The installation of Webroot is quite easy as compared to other antivirus software.

Since the antivirus is stored on the cloud, scanning your PC for malware and other threats is comparatively faster.


With this, the concept of using a lightweight antivirus is clear in our minds causing the users to think of investing in lightweight antivirus software. Also, this is one of the most important factors you should be focusing upon to enhance the work performance of your PC. By going through this blog-post, we can conclude that Webroot could be a better choice for those users who have been looking for an antivirus that is not only lightweight but also is efficient.

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